Updated Aug 2017


  • All shipping costs (shipping, insurance, signature, if applicable) are added to the art total.

    • I take great care packaging your art so that it arrives in perfect condition. Every shipment of standard, full-size size comic artwork (art sale or commission, on 11" x 17" art boards)) is packaged as follows:
      • The original art is inserted into a plastic toploader.
      • The toploader is wrapped in TWO-THREE art print polybags (alternating top/bottom).
      • The wrapped art is placed inside a sturdy shipping BOX.
    • Every shipment of nonstandard-sized artwork is packaged with equal care to provide as much protection as possible during shipping.

    • USPS Priority Mail with delivery signature is the default shipping service. I can also provide USPS insurance rates as well.

    • USPS First Class International is the default shipping service. This service does NOT provide tracking or delivery signature.
    • You can choose to upgrade to USPS International Priority Mail. This service DOES provide tracking, but NOT delivery signature.
    • The package can be delayed as it moves through Customs.
    • Customs charges (if any) will be your responsibility.
    • SHIPPING INSURANCE may available, for additional cost, to provide an extra level of protection during shipping.


  • Payment is only due once the art is fully completed!!

  • PayPal
    • All payments are in USD.
    • Be sure to use the FOR GOODS AND SERVICES method and NOT the PERSONAL method so that the proper PayPal seller fee is deducted.
    • I send out the art no later than the next day after receiving notification from PayPal that payment was completed.
    • I'll share my PayPal registered email when the time comes!

  • Checks (personal or business) or Money Orders
    • All payments are in USD.
    • If using a check, I wait 7 business days MINIMUM after deposit for it to clear both banks before sending out the art.
    • If using a Money Order, I send out the art no later than the next day after receipt.
    • We will trade address information when the time comes!


  • Your name
  • Full shipping address
  • NOTE
    • All domestic art deliveries will require a DELIVERY SIGNATURE.

Thank you very much - and enjoy your art!