Game for Secret Page #8

Answer the following question correctly and you will be whisked away to a secret page!

Simply name that man!

Nearly everyone knows that it was Moses (not Charleton Heston!) that led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.

But... who led them freely INTO Egypt in the first place??

This man was patriarch Jacob's most beloved son. His 11 brothers became jealous of him, and they plotted to kill him. Fortunately, they instead sold him to traders on their way to Egypt, where he was sold into slavery. The brothers returned home, lying to their father that a wild animal had killed his most beloved son.

While in Egypt, this young man honored God. He was falsely accused of attacking a woman, and he was thrown in prison. God began to use him to interpret dreams. Pharoah, plagued by perplexing and disturbing dreams, learned of him. God used the young man to interpret Pharoah's dream, and Pharoah made him second in command of all Egypt! Famine was coming to the land, and this young man sent for his family -- all of Israel-- to come to Egypt to escape the famine.

Name that young man!

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HINT:You can find the answer by reading Gen 45-46 (though the full story starts at Gen 37!).

That means chapter 45&46 of the book of Genesis, found in the Old Testament.