Game for Secret Page #7

Answer the following question correctly and you will be whisked away to a secret page!

Simply fill in the blank below!

According to scripture, when the waters of the Great Flood began to settle, the ark stopped on top of Mount Ararat. This peak is located in a mountainous region far to the northeast, what is now the nation of Turkey. The land there is extremely good. As Noah and his family left the ark to build new lives, they found rich pastures for their herds and fertile soil for crops. God brought them to a place where beginning again would be easy!

After all the flood waters dried up, Noah released the animals from the ark and offered a sacrifice to God. This pleased the Lord, and he promised Noah that never again would He send water to destroy every living thing on the earth. God told Noah and his family that the _______ would be a sign of this promise. Whenever rain clouds filled the sky, the ________ would appear and God would remember his covenant: that as long as the earth continued, there would never be another Great Flood.

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HINT:You can find the answer by reading Gen 9!

That means chapter 9 of the book of Genesis, found in the Old Testament.