Game for Secret Page #2

Answer the following question correctly and you will be whisked away to a secret page!

Simply fill in the blank below!

For forty days, the Philistine giant Goliath challenged the men of Isreal: "I dare you feeble warriors! Send out a man to fight with me! I say that the one who lises will hand over his people to become slaves!

Goliath stood 9 feet, 4 inches tall. He wore a suit of armor that weighed 125 pounds, and carried two spears. Not one man among the Israelites would meet him in single combat. But when David arrived with food for his brothers, he could not understand the soldier's fear. "Why does Goliath think he can speak against the army of the living God? He is no more dangerous than the wild animals which attack my father's sheep. I will fight him, and the Lord will surely be with me."

When King Saul saw that David was determined, he put his own armor on the boy and gave him his sword. But David was not used to these things. He went out to meet Goliath carrying only his own slingshot and _________ smooth stones he had chosen from a stream.

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HINT:You can find the answer by reading 1 Sam 17!

That means chapter 17 of the first book of Samuel, found in the Old Testament.