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God commanded his prophet Samuel to anoint Saul the Benjamite the first king of Israel. In his first years as the king of Israel, Saul was a very good leader. He was careful always to obey God's laws. Saul led his army to fight against soldiers from other countries, and God gave him victory after victory. But gradually, King Saul began to forget that his power came from the Lord.

Then Saul's army captured a town with many fine sheep and cattle. God commanded that everything, even these animals, be destroyed. Saul decided instead to send the sheep and cows home with his men. The prophet Samuel grew very angry. "Since you have turned away from God, He now turns away from you."

The Lord told Samuel to leave King Saul and travel to Bethlehem. There, God would show him the man to be the next king of Israel.

In Bethlehem, the prophet saw seven fine-looking young men. They were the sons of Jesse. One by one, Samuel looked at these handsome men and prayed to God. But the Lord answered," Do not look at their faces, Samuel. God does not see the same way people see. The Lord looks at the heart."

Jesse had one more son who was out taking care of the sheep. When Samuel saw him, the Lord told Samuel this young man would be the next king of Israel. The boy's name was _______.

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HINT:You can find the answer by reading 1 Sam 16!

That means chapter 16 of the first book of Samuel, found in the Old Testament.